Perinatal Care

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“Midwives value childbirth as an emotionally, socially, culturally, and often spiritually meaningful life experience – something to be experienced positively, with potential for making women feel stronger, and be stronger, and for strengthening bonds between the mother and father, as well as the other siblings and the newborn.”

 – Judith P. Rooks, CNM



Starting Care

We specialize in community (out of hospital) birth and want to keep community birth a safe and joyous option for families. Our perinatal care begins once you find out you’re expecting. Contact us to schedule a free virtual consultation. If you decide you would like to begin care with us, an initial risk assessment appointment is scheduled to verify your pregnancy, review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and collect pertinent labs.

Prenatal Visits

Your prenatal appointments occur monthly until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and the finally every 1 week until your baby is born. We are on-call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our appointments last 30-60 minutes as we build trust and strong relationships to promote a healthy course of pregnancy. Prenatal education and counseling occur at every visit as well as ongoing maternal and fetal assessment. Routine labs are offered at recommended visits and consultation, collaboration, or referral with other providers is offered as needed.

Labor & Birth

Your labor and birth plans are important to us. We believe in the normal physiology of birth. There will be at least two providers certified in neonatal resuscitation and basic life support who will attend your birth and we highly recommend doulas (will provide referrals as needed). We are skilled in emergencies and are located 4 minutes from the nearest hospital. You are in great hands!



Immediately after your baby is born, the team stays with you at least 3-4 hours after your baby is born – long enough to ensure you and your baby are well adjusted and prepared to start this new period as a dyad. We provide lactation support, newborn assessments, routine newborn screenings, and newborn medication. Postpartum visits occur in your home in 24-48 hours, in our office 2-3 weeks, and 6 weeks after your birth.


*We accept insurance. Contact us to schedule a free virtual consultation.*